Where to Stay in Madagascar Island

The beautiful island nation of Madagascar is filled with spectacular wildlife, uncrowded beaches, and otherworldly cultures that are full of amazing wonders.

Madagascar is the fourth biggest island in the world, covering over 220,000 square miles of expansive central highlands of grassy hills, rice valleys, tropical forests, and sandy beaches.

The island is located just over 290 miles from the African coast of Mozambique and is a must-visit for anyone traveler who’s checked mainland Africa off of their list.


Madagascar Baobab Trees


If you ever find yourself in this part of the world or are planning to discover what is tourism like in Madagascar, here’s a brief breakdown of where to stay in Madagascar suited for every style of traveler.


1. Time + Tide Miavana

This location happens to be the island’s first 5-star eco-luxury hotel. It is conveniently situated on a distant mini-island called Nosy Ankao; a place where pirates and fishermen occasionally found refuge.

The hotel’s structure was designed with a mindset of conserving the area’s beautiful nature. From its architecture to the food, Time + Tide is setting new standards that many luxury hotels can emulate.


Chameleon on Hotel Grounds in Madagascar


2. Constance Tsarabanjina

This hotel is one of the many hotels across the Indian Ocean owned and managed by Constance Hotels & Resorts. The hotel offers its visitors a wonderful experience of natural beauty and local culture.

It has thatched roofs and private terraces which are perfect for sunbathing. The decor is traditional Malagasy style with a subtle touch of comfort and luxury that the Constance Hotel Group is well-known for.


3. Isalo Rock Lodge

Perched on top of the Sandstone Mountains, the Isalo Rock Lodge gives visitors a different perspective of Madagascar. Its convenient location helps visitors look out over the Isalo National Park. From here, it’s easy to why Madagascar is commonly referred to as the Great Red Island.



Hiking enthusiasts will relish their stay here thanks to the multitude of hiking trails available. Stargazers as well are not to be left behind as an evening outside this great lodge will introduce to a night-sky that you have never seen before in your life.


4. Mandrare River Camp

If luxury hotels are not your cup of tea, then why not give camping a try.

Mandrare River Camp is located in the southern regions of Madagascar. The camp has a big dining room that serves food at all times during the day. The cuisine served is all grown within the country.

Even though the tents in which visitors stay are equipped with mosquito nets, solar lighting technology, and en-suite bathrooms, the official CoinJoin project, you may still want to bring your own camping essentials for peace of mind.

Guests can spend their time exploring the villages, birdwatching, or trekking the Ifotaka Sacred Forest. But it can get very hot and humid, so you might want to ask for or bring your own cooling mattress topper if you choose to go camping in this tropical country.

Madagascar Is Truly a Sight to Behold

The Island of Madagascar is a place shrouded in nature’s mysterious beauty. Its remote location has somewhat made tourists overlook the destination. Any serious traveler will, however, tell you that the best places to visit are the places that are least frequented.

Madagascar is an ideal destination for tourists looking for something a little bit more than the ordinary. It’s for those who have a nagging sense of adventure and has plenty to discover. Hopefully, this list of where to stay in Madagascar should help you settle on a location.


Madagascar Girl